Wednesday 4 November 2015

Demanding daughter's knitted hair bows

With the kids finally moved out, I've been getting a little more 'me' time in between all the crazy busy work. The perfect thing to occupy these hands during this downtime has obviously been knitting! Duh! However, just when I thought I wouldn't have any demands on me to fix this and make that, my daughter came to visit. Her demands are usually made about an hour before she needs something for a party she's going to.

She happened to pop in while I was knitting a men's bow tie, for an upcomming formal event. She decided that she wanted bows as a hair accessory. Natuarlly she wanted one in about every colour she could think of, and all done before she left. Thankfully she didn't have too many elastic bands in her handbag. Phew!

So I grabbed some needles, and rummaged through my yarn stash under close supervision. We ended picking out grey, turquoise, black, and purple. I cast on some stitches (about 10 I think) and started knitting away for about 6 inches, then did a 3 needle bind off. I made sure the bind off edge was in the centre of the bow, pinched it in the middle, grabbed an elastic, and then wound some of the yarn around them securing the bow to the elastic.

Just when I'd done all the bows, my darling daughter found another elastic band hiding in her bag. So you can guess what happened .... another bow had to be made of course. This time in maroon. Imagine my surprise when a few days later I found she'd worn her hair bows as part of her Voodoo doll Halloween costume.

I have to thank her for the inspiration. I ended up making some hair bows for my Etsy shop, matching the bows with coloured hair elastics and knitting a band around the bow and elastic, finishing it off with Kitchener grafting.

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