Thursday 4 August 2016

His Royal Highness Milo

Lots on the go at the moment, so this is just a quick post to keep you updated. We've had our first home visit for fostering approval, which has resulted in a pile of paper work to fill out .... ongoing process. Who knew I had to remember every single address I've ever lived at since the age of 18?

I've finished my Child Psychology diploma, but have one final assignment to complete in order to get a level 4 accreditation. Requires 4 essays of at least 500 words each. I've made a start on the first one.

Our church holiday club starts next Monday, so I have a ton of preparation to do. I'll be running registration and the sound desk. Got to get the words for all the songs set up.

Finally, the thing taking up most of my time ... my poor wee companion has had his second knee op last week Wednesday. This means that he's on strict cage rest for the next 4 weeks, and I'm on pee duty. He's not allowed to walk at all, so I have to take him out to do his business. He's at least past the initial few days of extreme pain, and finally back to his old self. This means that he's bored stiff ... and I have to entertain him! As you may have guessed - there's not been as much knitting being done (or all the other things I'm supposed to be doing). I'm even struggling to read, luckily I've managed to sneak this post in before his Royal Highness wakes up and demands attention again.