Saturday 18 August 2012

A tempory bind

So you've all heard the rumours that I enjoy cross-stitch. Thought I'd provide a bit of proof that I actually do enjoy this craft. While I'm at it, I thought I'd share a quick tip I use to keep my head when there are lots of colours in the design.

I take a scrap piece of A4 paper that's usually been printed on one side. I'm all for reusing printed paper. I fold it in half with the printed side on the inside, then fold the halves again. I end up with a piece of paper a quarter of the size with the blank side facing outwards. Then I grab my punch and punch a number of holes in the paper along the open side. Next I take a pen and jot down the numbers of the colours next to a hole. I also make a note of which pattern it relates to. Then I thread that particular colour through and loop it around the paper to secure it.

It means I never loose any of the project's thread and I always know which colour is which, even months later when I eventually get back to that project.